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Summer salad with Aubergine

I had cooked spaghetti, – perhaps rice noodles will be even better.

Add vinaigrette (mine was olive oil and lemon juice) quite a bit.

Cooled cooked diced aubergine. If you made moussaka earlier the week and did extra aubergine, you’re set 🙂

If you didn’t, dice some aubergine and fry in a hot pan with olive oil. I add some sunflower oil to increase the temperature at which the oil becomes saturated.

Purple oakleaf lettuce – add

Pesto – a spoonful. It gives that lovely parmesan taste. You can grate extra parmesan over if you wish.

I forgot to put the asparagus in, but it will add another dimension.

The French like to support local industry. The salt is from  the island of Noirmoutier where it is harvested by hand – the traditional method.

I bought it there. What a lovely drive over the seabed for 4 kilometers at low tide on the passage du Gois! Everyone is out harvesting seafood between the tides. And fortunately they have a bridge now so you don’t have to stay for 12 hours before you can get back to the mainland.

Although you’ll probably want to. There was such a chilled summer holiday atmosphere when I was there, I would have like to stay quite a bit longer!

Just a turn of black pepper will make it complete.


Bordeaux cold meats and salad

You can’t see the carrots very well on this photo, but I wanted to get the cathedral in 😉

I put some walnuts in the carrots, try it some time. The potato salad has some purple onion in and the olives are stuffed with achovies. The serano ham they prepared for me in Spain.

Here is a better picture of the plate.

Someone is really going to have to paint that little rail soon..

The chickpea salad has thinly sliced radish and mache in. Sorry no idea what the English word for it is. I added some sesame seed and dressed it with olive oil and lemon juice. I flavoured the vinaigrette with curry. An easy choice as my hostess has some 6 different curry powders on her spice rack.

Mix with  fork

and eat.

If you ask me avo would be good in that salad..

Cabbage and Apple salad

Its been a long time since we had a good salad recipe so here we go.

Half a green cabbage – shredded

4 green apples – grated

3 fresh or 5 preserved peppadews – shredded

a handfull of currents

2 tablespoons sesame seed

yoghurt – unflavoured, a few good scoops

Grate the apples directly into the cabbage and add the yoghurt immediately. Cabbage is alkalizing and will prevent the apples turning brown together with the yoghurt. It you keep the salad till tomorrow the apples will still be green.

Mix the peppadews and currents in

Dry roast the sesame seed in a pan till the flavour releases.

Finally mix the sesame seed hot into the salad to spread the flavour.

PS – Cabbage is a great mate for chili or hot curry. If you chew a raw shred of cabbage it takes the burn away because it alkalizes your mouth, so neutralising the acid that burns it. Moroccan cooking often offers a sideplate with bread and a few shreds of cabbage as an accompaniment to chili.


Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) Salad

I made this salad for Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. It is a huge occassion in the Netherlands, pakkiesaand being important for children as Sinterklaas and his helper Swarte Piet bring a huge bag full of presents!

The red paprika seemed to go well with Sinterklaas’ outfit and since Swarte Piet is from Spain we had to have citrus. Off course that is where citrus was from traditionally before South Africa started produsing and exporting and for balance I added all the colours of the rainbow! Red wants green and then you need yellow and eventually your salad is quite South African.

Fortunately my olive oil was from Spain, so that was a good fit. The balsemic vinegar is from Modena which isn’t quite Spain, but that can’t be helped.

An unusual combination, but the sweet of the manderines (naartjies) and the balsemic vinegar makes a good contrast with the sharp radish and the slight bitter of the spinach. Green beans for something crisp to bite into and the nuts and salami add texture and substance. The soft lettuce leaves and olive oil makes it juicy.

 Oak leaf lettuce, green and purple

Baby Spinich (a more or less equal amount as the lettuce)

Red paprika 2

Yellow paprika 1

Green beans (flat or round) a hand full

Radishes about a bunch

Naartjies 6 or 7

Sliced mini salami about 125gram

Mixed nuts (preferably unsalted) 220gram

Cream of Balsemic Vinegar

A good olive oil

Chop the paprika and green beans and marinate in the balsemic vinegar and olive oil. Don’t hold back with the oil and vinegar, it becomes the dressing for the whole salad. The longer you marinate the softer your ingredients.

 Peel the naartjies and remove the white bits, mix the segments in whole otherwise you have a mess.

Chop the radishes fine.

Shred the lettuce and spinash according to your own beliefs, add the rest of the ingredients, and there you go!

Couscous Salad

It’s a fusion recipe I guess. The cumin and mint gives it a Maroccan flavour that is very couscous, but then the fresh peach adds a twist.

Start by making a flavoured couscous

Mix a teespoonof fresh  cumin (slightly bashed) and a pinch of dried mixed herbs into the couscous before adding the water to prepare according to the box instructions.

When the couscous is ready and slightly cooled add the

mint leaves ( I prefer spearmint but its your salad) or use mint jelly if you do not have fresh

mix soy souce, balsamic vinegar and olive oil in parts so that no one taste is overpowering – if you used a sweet mint jelly you will need more vinegar

pour over the couscous

If you have the time it is best to let the couscous rest for a while so that the flavours can develop, the cummin needs some time to truly flavour the couscous


crush some pecan nuts to your preference and add in

cut fresh nectarines in segments and add to salad

add some cut boerewors from last night’s braai (or any other cooked meat)

shred a handful of rocket and add

complete the salad with a tablespoon of mayo