Cabbage and Apple salad

Its been a long time since we had a good salad recipe so here we go.

Half a green cabbage – shredded

4 green apples – grated

3 fresh or 5 preserved peppadews – shredded

a handfull of currents

2 tablespoons sesame seed

yoghurt – unflavoured, a few good scoops

Grate the apples directly into the cabbage and add the yoghurt immediately. Cabbage is alkalizing and will prevent the apples turning brown together with the yoghurt. It you keep the salad till tomorrow the apples will still be green.

Mix the peppadews and currents in

Dry roast the sesame seed in a pan till the flavour releases.

Finally mix the sesame seed hot into the salad to spread the flavour.

PS – Cabbage is a great mate for chili or hot curry. If you chew a raw shred of cabbage it takes the burn away because it alkalizes your mouth, so neutralising the acid that burns it. Moroccan cooking often offers a sideplate with bread and a few shreds of cabbage as an accompaniment to chili.



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