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Winston Churchill’s country seat in February at Chartwell, Kent

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle in Kent – south east England.

Oast houses on the horison, they were for roasting hops. Called hop kilns in other areas. It looks like the chimneys could turn according to the wind and also be open or closed.

Do you imagine its warmer under the bench?


Salmon and Spelt

Not really a recipe I presume.

The spelt pancake is filled with soft cheese and served with avo, smoked salmon and some young crest leaves.

I just baked the spelt pancake with the normal pancake recipe, substituting spelt flour for wheat flour. Perhaps the relation of flour to fluids is different, I didn’t measure.

You can bake them with buttermilk as well if you like.


A view from Oban on the mainland; – west coast of Scotland.

We went to the first island (Kerrera) to do our laundry at the harbour facilities and saw prince Andrew there on his boat.

Islay (Ay-lah) where they make those wonderful whiskies, is just a little further out and towards the south.

Winkworth Arboretum

The arboretum, in Surrey, is the vision of one Doctor Wilfred Fox. He envisaged and developed the arboretum, which he left to the National Trust.

They have been the care takers for 60 years. Currently they have over 1000 different trees and shrubs.

Every season will have it’s charm, but here are a few automn photos.

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