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Jogyesa Temple – Seoul

Some photo’s of the preparations going on for Buddha’s birthday on 17 May at the Jogyesa Tempel in Seoul.

Actually the Koreans call it the festival for the return of Buddha, not quite the same thing..


The colourful thingies are little individual lanterns. It must be really impressive when they are lit.


I don’t know the deal with the little papers, in Japan I thought it was ‘n Shinto thing and that they are like little prayer requests, perhaps it is the same thing here.

Some sort of dress rehearsal was going on, – I hope 🙂

And at least one of the temple itself.


Busan – Market


If you have an iron constitution you can consider eating something here.

Saw a piece of jelly fish or something tied up in a net type thing boiling in a huge pot. Probably keeping it together so that they can make more soup out of it tomorrow, or next week who knows..

Never had so much McDonalds in my life.

Trust me it looks vastly better on the photo.