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By this time you’re probably sick of the west coast, so we have something  about Toronto for a change. Its from last summer and I’m sure everyone there is heartily sick of winter by this time. What a contrast. Minus 20 in winter and in the high 30s in summer and humid.

I didn’t realise is gets so hot in summer and certainly didn’t know they are on the same lattitude as the north of Spain.


The classic cityscape, taken from an island in lake Ontario. The most magnificent place. The lucky ones have summer houses there.

The slick Downtown.

There is a suburb for every cultural group,  you can see the whole world without leaving Toronto. The Greek area is out of town over this bridge.


There you have the same suburban scene realised by the Greek communities of many new world countries.



Walk Ins two words and ONSITE one?

Art in Canada, wonderful variety from the different cultures.

The old college, churches and a house in the Victorian style.


Nathan Phillips sqaure.

And modern hospitals. Its a heart against the building there.



And then they have the underground city. You can walk miles (or off course kilometres its metric in Canada 😉 ) without going outside. And in the climate you need it!

Its the first city where I saw people walking around with sun hats in the CBD.