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New Year at the Wat Arun

Wat Arun or Tempel of Dawn, if you want to be poetic.

Quite amazing what you can bump into wandering around aimlessly. In Bangkok I happened upon the New Year festivities at the Wat Arun.

Not the oldest, but perhaps the best known landmark in Thailand. Like the Eiffel, every tourist and journalist has to pose in front of it.

The procession was a little brighter than the weather (not that it was cold). Once I saw there were one or two people, although they were probably Thai, walking with the procession I fell in directly behind the orchestra, something tells me this is where I belong and I don’t miss an opportunity.

So with a huge racket we walked all the way around the temple and watched the dragon dance. Everyone gets the chance to feed the lion and the dragon. You put money in its mouth and may then pull out a hair from the beard.

And a glimpse into the temple to complete our visit.




Bali – Galungan

Or Hari Raya Galungan and Kaningan in the full title. A Hindu festival celibrated in Bali twice a year.

Things get complicated with religion in Indonesia. Bali is Hindu (>90%). For everything to know, they gave us this pamflet. Continue reading Bali – Galungan