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West Coast – Australia

On the dry west coast of Australia, south of Perth, you find these striking landscapes


and wonderful seascapes. It is a wave breaking over the sun there, in the far distance on the horizon.


This is the view I prefer in my rear view mirror..


Port Augusta and environs. It is almost on the corner, on the way to the Southern Ocean. If you have never heard of this ocean don’t be dismayed, you will only find it on an Australian map. The rest of the world seriously doubts the existence of this ocean 😉



It is an old water wheel, completely fossilized, wood and all.

Someone managed to loose a shoe here.. But some kind soul put it in clear view, should the owner happen to walk past.



Magnificent colour contrasts with the dry vegetation and open atmosphere.


On the West Coast of Australia, your travel options are as follows,  you can take the coastal road down in the direction of Margaret River, or you can drive into a desert that won’t end for days. I took the coastal road.

Western Australia has a polulation of 2 million. And it is 4 times the size of South Africa, to give you an idea of how remote it is. And 1 million of them live in Perth, so that leaves about one eighth of a person per 10 square kilometres for the rest.

Anyway so as I was driving south I came accross this sign, ‘Thrombolites’, there are not that many signs, so take the turn off. Never heard of them but what the hell.

And seem to be from 600 million years ago, dear heaven, I had heard the land of Oz was old, but honestly.

For the first time since the 90’s I was in a town with no celphone reception, nothing, nada, no bars, in the town.. And you thought Namibia was remote.. Normally there you have 3G in town hie hie.

I know nothing of prehistoric microbiology so here is what they say.


Or if you want the official version


You always have the jokers around, someone changed the 20 minutes you should allow at the least for this dangerous excursion to at least 25. The English health and safety obsession seems to have made its way accross the oceans. You should prepare for 2 hours to take this 5 minute stroll down to the water. Take enough water, wear sunscreen etc etc.

And then you see  pale blond young girls working on the roads in the blazing sun without as much as a hat to protect them.

I was scandalized, in a country where there is nothing between you and the sun to offer any form of protection and they have such a dangerously high rate of skin cancer, I would expect at least that the road workers who are more exposed than just about anyone else would be issues with 500 SPF sunscreen and a Mexican sambrero at the very least. But no there they are painfully young girls, white blond holding their flags all day in that heat! Beyond belief.

Anyway no more complaining, here they are, and quite pretty I thought. At least they where genetically designed to take the sun.

And more info


And more scenary

I liked them, quirky  but classy, almost Adams Family.