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Mixed coleslaw

Try chopping some  paprika or peppers and sweetcorn into your coleslaw

It’s not flashy, but it didn’t turn out half bad

Mixed Salad with Cheese, Olive, Paprika and Basil

Lettuce, chives, tomato, grapes, green olives and basil

Shred the lettuce and the basil leaves and chop the chives and paprika

Mix together with the tomatoes, grapes and green olives

Cube some good quality cheese and add

Top with a dressing of your choice and sprinkle the basil flowers over

Dish up. I had ice tea, but then I always have ice tea.

Steak, eggplant and walnut salad

Soft lettuce and chives

Aubergine and walnuts


Steak or another pan fry cut

Olive oil

Ketjap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) or balsem vinegar

Mixed herbs, rosemary, thyme and parsley will do

Garlic, if you are a fan

Pan fry the steak

Slice the eggplant and fry in the same pan

When your meat is done, take it out and finish cooking the aubergine to take on the flavour left in the pan

Cut the aubergine smaller and slice the steak

Shred the lettuce, chop the chives and slice the radishes while the meat and eggplant are cooling

Mix everything together and add the walnuts

If you have juices left in the pan, add them to the salad together with olive oil, ketjap manis or balsemic vinegar and the herbs.

Mine was only a small salad for one, make as much as you need to feed your people.

Summer salad with Aubergine

I had cooked spaghetti, – perhaps rice noodles will be even better.

Add vinaigrette (mine was olive oil and lemon juice) quite a bit.

Cooled cooked diced aubergine. If you made moussaka earlier the week and did extra aubergine, you’re set 🙂

If you didn’t, dice some aubergine and fry in a hot pan with olive oil. I add some sunflower oil to increase the temperature at which the oil becomes saturated.

Purple oakleaf lettuce – add

Pesto – a spoonful. It gives that lovely parmesan taste. You can grate extra parmesan over if you wish.

I forgot to put the asparagus in, but it will add another dimension.

The French like to support local industry. The salt is from  the island of Noirmoutier where it is harvested by hand – the traditional method.

I bought it there. What a lovely drive over the seabed for 4 kilometers at low tide on the passage du Gois! Everyone is out harvesting seafood between the tides. And fortunately they have a bridge now so you don’t have to stay for 12 hours before you can get back to the mainland.

Although you’ll probably want to. There was such a chilled summer holiday atmosphere when I was there, I would have like to stay quite a bit longer!

Just a turn of black pepper will make it complete.

Onion and endive bake with blue cheese and parmesan

Fry a medium onion, chopped medium in a little oil ..over medium heat

shred the endive

and add to the pan.

Line the bottom of an over dish with bread

and ladle some humus over.

Fill the dish with the fried onion and endive,

slice cooked potatoes over,

put a few morsels of blue cheese on top,

sprinkle a little olive oil and black pepper over,

add a spoonful of grated parmesan cheese.

Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes

while you look out the window. In this instance at the National Theater of Toulouse 😉

Take out of the oven and eat!

I really loved the crisp underside of the breadies with the soft humus tops..

If you are not fond of endive you can try courgette or eggplant instead.

Salmon and Spelt

Not really a recipe I presume.

The spelt pancake is filled with soft cheese and served with avo, smoked salmon and some young crest leaves.

I just baked the spelt pancake with the normal pancake recipe, substituting spelt flour for wheat flour. Perhaps the relation of flour to fluids is different, I didn’t measure.

You can bake them with buttermilk as well if you like.

Bordeaux cold meats and salad

You can’t see the carrots very well on this photo, but I wanted to get the cathedral in 😉

I put some walnuts in the carrots, try it some time. The potato salad has some purple onion in and the olives are stuffed with achovies. The serano ham they prepared for me in Spain.

Here is a better picture of the plate.

Someone is really going to have to paint that little rail soon..

The chickpea salad has thinly sliced radish and mache in. Sorry no idea what the English word for it is. I added some sesame seed and dressed it with olive oil and lemon juice. I flavoured the vinaigrette with curry. An easy choice as my hostess has some 6 different curry powders on her spice rack.

Mix with  fork

and eat.

If you ask me avo would be good in that salad..