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Oslo – last summer

Oslo was at her most beautiful with bright summer days.

We start with Vigeland park and his prettiest boy.

And pretty in red, with a Japan exhibition.

Norwegians are enamored with nature, so if possible could the city center look like a forest please?



On the other side of the dyke is the little mermaid. If anyone hasn’t seen her yet, I will post a picture.

Her face is the artists wife’s, but she refused for her body to be used as a model, so a ballerina of the time was the model for her body.

The church? I have no idea.

Viking Ships

Here are a few pictures of Viking Ships. They are real, both were excavated, they served as tombs.


The first one is richly decorated and was used to bury a lady of high standing.



They are made of oak and you can see the oar holes in the sides.

This one had 30 rowers.


And a simpler one



Apparently boats very similar to this design are still made in the north west of Norway.


Oslo – the story of one ship, Oslo Fjord and Oslo Harbour

It is a rainy day in Tromsø, which gives me a chance to put something together about Oslo. Here is the story of one ship, lying in her harbour.


Built in 1915 in Scheveningen (Netherlands) as a trader or fishing vessel.

During the first World War, 1917, she is reported missing in the English channel.

Found abandoned in the Congo river 1925 by a Scheveningen fisherman, who brings her back to the Netherlands.

1928 first engine installed.

The years 1926 to 1940 operating mostly as a trader in the northern seas.

During Second World War she is involved in running arms for the Dutch resistance.

1944 she is once again reported missing.

1947 this time she reappears in Newfoundland, no trace is to be found of the crew or what / where she had been for the last three years.

After being brought back to the Netherlands she is once more operating as a trader.

1955 Sold to Norway.





Many are the stories told from her time as trader and fishing vessel, along the Norwegian coast and from the many voyages to the water around Iceland and Greenland.

In 1995 her days as a trader are over and she is converted back to a sailing ship, this time a brig.

And here she is now in Oslo Harbour.

A long fjord brings the sea to Oslo. Here is a view from where I stayed.



You can leave from this dock to go to the islands.


And here we go..


And from there you have  view over the Oslo fjord again.



Or if you go north with the T bane direction Holmenkollen you have yet another view of the water.


Temppeliaukio – Monolithic Church in Finland

Have a look at this one. Like the Eiffel tower it is the result of a competition.

The Suomalainen  brothers did the design for a church cut directy from the bedrock. They considered leaving the rock undressed but thought the idea was too unorthodox and may cost them the competition.

Well they won the competition. A conductor and engineer gave advice on acousitics and they discover that the bare rock gives the best acoustics. The church now has excellent acoustics and is often used as a concert venue.

The copper roof probably also sings along.

It was built in the 60’s. Lovely light through the big windows.