Couscous Salad

It’s a fusion recipe I guess. The cumin and mint gives it a Maroccan flavour that is very couscous, but then the fresh peach adds a twist.

Start by making a flavoured couscous

Mix a teespoonof fresh  cumin (slightly bashed) and a pinch of dried mixed herbs into the couscous before adding the water to prepare according to the box instructions.

When the couscous is ready and slightly cooled add the

mint leaves ( I prefer spearmint but its your salad) or use mint jelly if you do not have fresh

mix soy souce, balsamic vinegar and olive oil in parts so that no one taste is overpowering – if you used a sweet mint jelly you will need more vinegar

pour over the couscous

If you have the time it is best to let the couscous rest for a while so that the flavours can develop, the cummin needs some time to truly flavour the couscous


crush some pecan nuts to your preference and add in

cut fresh nectarines in segments and add to salad

add some cut boerewors from last night’s braai (or any other cooked meat)

shred a handful of rocket and add

complete the salad with a tablespoon of mayo


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