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Croatia in symbols

These guys are really making a job of it.

In Dalmatia – the old Yogoslavia, they have had a few sets of quite interesing people here. The old locals, the Greek colonists, the Slavs (7th to 9th century), the Venetians (10th century till Napoleon crushed their empire) and who knows who else landed their over the years.

Looks like that guy had an accident involving egg and his tie..

The children burst from school there and who can blame them.

If you have a lot of water..


The one with the dog looks about right. Scotties can’t swim, apparently they go straight to the bottom. Best to keep them out of the water.


People may be a bit rigid here, but the dogs are ok, – actually like that in a number of places 😉

The heart of a lion. There are dozens of these old Renaults on the islands. They tell me it is because they are handy to use in the fields as well. You can fit a tractor in the back and all. 😉 (Their fields are bite sized, so you can work them on your own and the impliments are clever things that assemble)


Probably the most decorated cross ever! Would have liked to know why. Its like music without the religious symbols your set isn’t complete.


Fearsome beast..

And my absolute favourite – ever.


Loved it!