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On the other side of the dyke is the little mermaid. If anyone hasn’t seen her yet, I will post a picture.

Her face is the artists wife’s, but she refused for her body to be used as a model, so a ballerina of the time was the model for her body.

The church? I have no idea.

Cozumel – Island of Swallows



Lebombo Mountains

The sun is setting over the Lebombo Mountains, the last moments in Kruger..


Vienna – Franz Joseph’s city

Its his birthday today, so here is a picture for him. It is the stadium at Schoenbrun, – one of his palaces in Vienna 🙂

Odd isn’t it how leaders sometimes have the names of other countries.. Hollande, leader of France, Franz Joseph, leader of the Austro Hungarian Empire..


Prague – a view from the Imperial Gardens

Prague, – many say the most beautiful city in Europe. She lies in the Vlatava river basin.

Here is a view from the Imperial Gardens next to the Prague Castle, on the same hill where you find the St Vitus cathedral.

See the river snaking past in the valley.


Vigeland Park in Oslo

The famous sculpture park in Oslo, Vigeland park. Try opening the photo, it seems wordpress is cutting half of it off..

Another time I’ll write more again, housekeeping hammered on my door at an ungodly hour this morning.. rather on the corner of a roof than with a noisy person in the morning, – or how does it go again..