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Oven baked Baby Hake with Dill and Lemon

Place the fish in an ovenproof dish.

Add the juice of one fresh lemon

A few tablespoons of olive oil

Grind salt and peper over

Add the Dill

Bake in the oven till the fish is soft

Serve with Hollandaise sauce, fried rice and asparagus

Lamb liver

In the Karoo there is a lot of lamb available. In all varieties. Though not everybody’s favourite, lamb liver can be very tasty. If you don’t eat liver, skip this recipe ok 😉

You know the story of the guest who declined the tongue on the grounds that he doesn’t eat something that comes from a cows mouth. The host calls into the kitchen, Evelyn, won’t you please cook the gentleman an egg!

Anyway I’m sure everyone who doesn’t eat liver has left us long ago.

Off course the liver must be fresh and cleaned. If you think it may be bitter, marinate it in milk before cooking.

There is elephant garlic in the garden so I sliced one of the big cloves and fried it with two small chopped onions in enough olive oil.

Slice the lamb liver and fry together with the onion and garlic. Always use bay leaf with liver, so add a few leaves now.

Once you have turned the slices so that they are sealed, grind some salt and black pepper over and add a some thyme, stripped from the stalks and crushed slightly.

Yoghurt (unflavoured naturally – pardon the pun) is excellent for tenderising any meat and as creamy as cream but without the fat so add a few generous spoonfuls.

I had some beer I didn’t like in the fridge so 100ml landed in the frying pan after the yoghurt had had a chance to do it’s thing.

Just because I had some handy, I added a tablespoon of terayaki sauce.

About 3 minutes before you remove the dish from the heat add  2 – 4 tablespoons of chopped parsley.

I cut the slices in smaller bits after they were done (pink inside, do not over cook liver it becomes floury) and added it back into the gravy for another minute. One tablespoon of vinegar finishes the dish nicely just before you turn off the heat.

Remember to remove the bay leaves once the cooking is done, otherwise it becomes bitter.

Wonderful served with fresh bread!