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Winston Churchill’s country seat in February at Chartwell, Kent


Sète, a harbour town on the French mediteranian coast, not far from Montpellier.

I have stopped carrying a camera, which was clearly a mistake. The phones are fine for normal conditions, but when you have severe light conditions they don’t cope as well.

The lines again.. I didn’t cope as well with the severe conditions either. Despite booking for a month in Montpellier I left after ten days. It was just far too hot. They advertise the town as green and cool, but boy are they wrong. I don’t have a single photo of the town in Montpellier, simply couldn’t wait to get back indoors.

It was a little cooler on the day I visited Sète, my only day trip, so we have a few photos. Quite a pretty town.

Wish I had one of those sailboats..

Yamazaki riverbank – Nagoya

Cherry blossoms on the riverbank.

It is tradition to have a picnic under the blossoming trees, everyone is out.

Very interesting to see this old house with its garden there. Built with wood cross beams and clay, similar to the Tudor style in England. It seems that this building style was used everywhere on earth at some time.

Unexpected, especially in a city.