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Moustiers Sante-Marie

A charming town in Haute Provence. Some genius put a star on a cable high above the town between the cliffs and now they are famous for the star 🙂

Their altitude is 634 meter but it looks as if they can see the full 600 meters down..

Not the only Oleander, the whole of Provence seems packed with them, especially on the coast.

Caribbean Coast – Cozumel


The beautiful island of swallows lies about 20 km off the coast of the Yucatan peninsular, in the Caribbean sea.



The archetypal tropical island with swaying palm trees and turquoise blue sea.

Looks like stranded coral.


Many of the big passenger liners stop here


and this guy is fishing with a hand line.



Each note an artwork in itself. Frida Kahlo is popular in her own country now as well. Pity she had to die first..



Cozumel has one of the most important carnaval’s in the Caribbean, if I am deciphering it correctly.

My guess is these creatures that line the seafront are also from carnaval.


The last one is a tortoise with a banjo or something.


Loved the refrigerated transport. Apparently they have not agriculture on the island. It is mostly a nature reserve.

And they have nature! Around 800 bird species in the Yucatan.

Also the necessary sea birds.



And off course iguanas.


They bask in the sun on walls and get out of the way very quickly when you approach. Eaten I understand..

And dogs lie in front of the gate, in the street. To guard the property I assume? And the neighbours’ dog is in front of his own gate, just a few meters on.  Just goes to show, it is all social customs.


And a pharmacy on every corner. Perhaps the reason they advertise? A bit surprising..

You can buy snorkeling gear there as well.

And my favourite, new food.


Green tamotoes, in husks like gooseberries. They make a (famous) green sauce with them.


And Jicama. Peeled, they can be cooked and do very well in a stir fry, but also great raw. A fresh soft taste, a bit like apple.

Very handy for travelling, I found, as they don’t brown when cut.


And a boat  for you if you feel like going a little way.