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Salmon and Spelt

Not really a recipe I presume.

The spelt pancake is filled with soft cheese and served with avo, smoked salmon and some young crest leaves.

I just baked the spelt pancake with the normal pancake recipe, substituting spelt flour for wheat flour. Perhaps the relation of flour to fluids is different, I didn’t measure.

You can bake them with buttermilk as well if you like.



A few photos from the cederberg area.

The iconic picture from the cerderberg wilderness area.

That’s why its the olifant river running here.

On the Wupperthal road if I have it right.

And just outside citrusdal, very different veld.

Avignon – palace of the popes

And the view on the Fort St Andre


Oslo – last summer

Oslo was at her most beautiful with bright summer days.

We start with Vigeland park and his prettiest boy.

And pretty in red, with a Japan exhibition.

Norwegians are enamored with nature, so if possible could the city center look like a forest please?



Perhaps if you zoom in on this fountain in Barjols, Provence you will discover new species of moss..


Moustiers Sante-Marie

A charming town in Haute Provence. Some genius put a star on a cable high above the town between the cliffs and now they are famous for the star 🙂

Their altitude is 634 meter but it looks as if they can see the full 600 meters down..

Not the only Oleander, the whole of Provence seems packed with them, especially on the coast.