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The capital of Slovenia. They are about 2 milion people and have a beautiful country.

The most trees apart from Sweden and Finland, snowy mountains and magnificent rivers. The railway tracks from Ljubljana to Zagreb (in Croatia) go along the river so you have the best view.

Not the best photos..

The plan was to take the bus from Trieste in Italy to Sezana in Slovenia (about 10 km) and then the train from there to Ljubljana. I arrive in Sezana to find the words ‘welcome to hell’  on the door post to the ticket office 😉 but a very friendly lady informs me that there are no trains we are taking the railway bus to Ljubljana, there are  some problems.

Well the road is scenic and after half an hour I ask the girl sitting behind me if she speaks Engels. Ja. (they say ja, not da, although theirs is a Slavic language). It looks as if a giant passed and every so often a tree is snapped off one third from the top, snapped like a twig, what happened? – There was a huge snow storm, that is also why the railroad is closed. It will take a long time to clear the railway. In impeccable English I’ll have you know. Later I learned that they all learn Enlish in primary school and French as well in high school – no choice.

Always interesting not to just drop out of the clear blue sky on an aeroplane, then you have no context for the cities.

Anyway we are in Ljubljana. The architecture is reminiscent of that of the rest of central Europe, the same red roofs and squarish domes on the towers.

Seems that they have been civilised for a long time, river well canalised through the city etc. There is also an exhibition of the kolo wheel, or a replica in any case. The oldest wheel ever discovered was found about 20 km south of Ljubljana in 2002 and dated at 5200 years old. The Egiptians were not as advanced as they thought perhaps.

My favourite is the dragon bridge

and the sushi and corba the immigrants sell! There was pomegranate juice as well, but I didn’t manage to get back to have some.