Indigo and burnt umber

Something makes me think I have seen too many of those excavated objects now..



Xai-xai at the mouth of the Limpopo riverin Mozambique one and a half summers ago

One or two crabs running around..


Just a few photos of the beautiful lakeside Geneva.

The second one is their flag, and as you can clearly see with a golden key on red and black eagle on gold.

They were an independent republic for 300 years around the time of the wars of religion in Europe.

A view of Calvin’s church.

Showing off their precision work in the carvings and lead glass windows.

Like the choir dragon?

Enough detail for you?

Someone went Greek on the front..

Lovely sun on the parks

with the reformation wall in one of them

The English church

and a memorial to a friend who died on the Mont Blanc

with scattered light.

At the English garden

and around and over the lake to the Mont Blanc

the ice cream eaters

Summer salad with Aubergine

I had cooked spaghetti, – perhaps rice noodles will be even better.

Add vinaigrette (mine was olive oil and lemon juice) quite a bit.

Cooled cooked diced aubergine. If you made moussaka earlier the week and did extra aubergine, you’re set 🙂

If you didn’t, dice some aubergine and fry in a hot pan with olive oil. I add some sunflower oil to increase the temperature at which the oil becomes saturated.

Purple oakleaf lettuce – add

Pesto – a spoonful. It gives that lovely parmesan taste. You can grate extra parmesan over if you wish.

I forgot to put the asparagus in, but it will add another dimension.

The French like to support local industry. The salt is from  the island of Noirmoutier where it is harvested by hand – the traditional method.

I bought it there. What a lovely drive over the seabed for 4 kilometers at low tide on the passage du Gois! Everyone is out harvesting seafood between the tides. And fortunately they have a bridge now so you don’t have to stay for 12 hours before you can get back to the mainland.

Although you’ll probably want to. There was such a chilled summer holiday atmosphere when I was there, I would have like to stay quite a bit longer!

Just a turn of black pepper will make it complete.

It's a trip

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