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Mount Fuji

Yamazaki riverbank – Nagoya

Cherry blossoms on the riverbank.

It is tradition to have a picnic under the blossoming trees, everyone is out.

Very interesting to see this old house with its garden there. Built with wood cross beams and clay, similar to the Tudor style in England. It seems that this building style was used everywhere on earth at some time.

Unexpected, especially in a city.

Suizenji – Kumamoto

Still on the west island (Kyushu), on the west coast is  Kumamoto city. Their garden is Suizenji.

Suizenji is a miniature version of the Tokaido route. The old eastern sea route between Kyoto and Edo – today Tokyo.

Their is a Tokaido line on the Shinkansen railway still today. Gives you a good view on Mount Fuji.

Their you can see Fuji in the garden, snow cap included. The garden is on scale. Only the trees on Fuji they couldn’t quick get small enough. There is only so much you can do with bonsai.

Fuji again, from a different vantage point. Wish I could get a photo with a lawn mower. Do you think they are also miniature?

Suizenji, as you may have guessed from the name, is a temple garden. You have temple gardens and walking gardens.

The old Shinto beliefs are alive and well in Japan. Alongside the Zen Buddism. Shinto is old Japan, Buddism is from the continent.

To wash your hands and rinse your mouth before entering the temple. Often they have dracons, but not this one.

The water is clear and fresh though. The garden was made near a spring. Possible for the sea of the sea route.

The obligatory water and koi with the semi-obligatory camelia japonica.

I wonder how old this pine is. Sometimes you see people on ladders cutting some of the needles out on the growth points.

It’s not easy to get everything in, there Fuji is again, just to the right of the bridge.