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Skeleton Coast

Fisherman’s world here on the Namibian coast. Fishing rods everywhere.

They say there are over 1000 wrecks on this coast, rough seas and few harbours. But the coast isn’t named after the shipwrecks, there was so much whale hunting here that the beaches were strewn with whale bones. What a pity, they suspect that whales can live a 1000 years, and that the giants who were caught a few centuries ago were ancient. That also being the reason that there are no more of them now..

Nieu Besthesda

About 50 km from Graaff Reinet in the Sneeuberge of the Great Karoo lies the beautiful village of Bethesda.

When the town was proclamed, -due to a language mistake, it was registered as New Bethesda, while the intention was for it to be simply Bethesda. Locally it is known as Bethesda.

A view on ‘Spitskop’ or as it has later become known Compassberg.


The highest mountain in the old Cape Province at around 2500 metres. Which explains the Snow on the Mountains 😉

Even in town they sometimes still have frost as late as November. A short summer for the country.

The town is famous for Helen Martins who left the Owl House as her legacy. Some Queen of the Nights in bloom in front of her house.

We’ll leave her sad history for now.

Some of the old houses, gardens and views in the village.

The old water mill has been restored and can still turn out a mean flour.


When the sun sets..

The church and its garden from afar and closer up.


The beautiful Valley of Desolation in the vicinity. Almost a shame it is not as desolated as before 😉

The village boasts lots of places to stay and eat. Especially it you bear in mind that they have 60 or so permanent inhabitants, – somehow opinion varies 😉

If you are in the area it is a good idea to visit them. The view on the way there alone is memorable enough to make it worth your while. To give you some idea, this is the valley just outside the village, – late afternoon on the way home from Graaff Reinet.


West Coast – Australia

On the dry west coast of Australia, south of Perth, you find these striking landscapes


and wonderful seascapes. It is a wave breaking over the sun there, in the far distance on the horizon.


This is the view I prefer in my rear view mirror..


Port Augusta and environs. It is almost on the corner, on the way to the Southern Ocean. If you have never heard of this ocean don’t be dismayed, you will only find it on an Australian map. The rest of the world seriously doubts the existence of this ocean 😉



It is an old water wheel, completely fossilized, wood and all.

Someone managed to loose a shoe here.. But some kind soul put it in clear view, should the owner happen to walk past.



Magnificent colour contrasts with the dry vegetation and open atmosphere.