A few photos of the most beautiful of the Greek islands. The pearl of the Kyklades.

At first being round it is now half moon shaped after a volcanic eruption at about 1500 BC. The capital Thera, is on the edge overlooking the kaldera and the new islands forming in the middle.

Anything bothering you? Too perfect perhaps?


En route to the black beach..

I crossed that mountain in 50 degrees plus. Going out the guys let me steer and then a Greek got so carried away that I missed the last boat back, so over the mountain it was.


The other, more rural side of the mountain.


The vines are planted quite far apart to enable each one of them to get enough of the scarce moisture out of the air. The vines are twirled around each other to form a basket that is then suspended in the middle. The gapes are dried on the vine to make a sweet wine.


A look at the landmark windmills associated with Santorini. They are set all along the ridge to be able to take advantage of the wind from both sides. The islands are not named after the wind for no reason, so they are also collapsible.

The real people have boats like this 🙂


The red beach on yet another side.

Akrotiri is a fascinating site with the remains of a town that was covered by ash during the eruption. Very neat and tidy with right angles, advanced town planning, 2 – 3 floors, running cold and hot water, sewerage.. Very impressive if you work out how long ago that was. Hopefully we will have a post soon!


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