Lyon – Wall paintings

Far too hot to sleep, so here are a few photo’s of the wall paintings in Lyon for tomorrow morning.

The mur de canuts – probably the most famous one; it depicts the area where the silk workers (canuts) lived and worked.

At the last renewal they updated the young father from a few decades ago to an old man and added the city rental bikes.

The stairs are very typical of the area – if you go down to town, you have to climb almost 100 meters to get back home. To my reckoning around 30 stories..

I’m getting fit.

The textile industry is still going strong in Lyon. They recently opened a railway line between south China and Lyon, I take it the silk has always been sourced from the far east.

Most silk weavers of the past centuries worked from home. They needed 4 meter high ceilings to accommodate the frames and found the old monastries on the Croix-Rousse  area (on a hill between the Rhone and the Saono rivers) ideal for the purpose.

The area and the old canut houses are very popular today. A similar crowd lives there, often self employed people with a bit of an artistic bent. The French call them ‘bobo’ bohème-bourgeouse .

No more weaving in the houses though, now we work on our laptops 😉

The lucky ones sit in the courtyard gardens with their cats and fig trees.

Don’t know if this lucky fish is meant to represent the neighbourhood?

The more tradisional library.

The trompe-l-oeil is quite good, only when I saw the costumes did I realise..

The Saone

They paint in the colours of Provence, the warm south. And at 37 degrees yesterday they aren’t wrong.

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