Botanical Garden – Leuven

The botanical garden in Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Belgium. The city also has the oldest catholic university still in existence.


Part of the heritage of convents are their gardens, medicinal herbs falling in the cadre of the monks.

as did drinks..


for the absinth


and hobs for the beer. Stella Artois is from Leuven and the second large export product together with the university.



Taxus is not only used for hedges, but a product for chemotherapy is also made from it.

At the TU Delft (Technical University) the garden has to earn its keep (being in the Netherlands 😉 ) One of the brains there realized one day that during a thunder storm you can smell fir trees. He then thought to use electricity to milk the Taxus in stead of having to cut them down to get the substance. You need tonnes of wood to get only milliliters.

And it worked. You put a gardening fork in the ground to earth the wire and put stream on the tree. A fine spray comes out of the leaves which contains the substance you’re after.

The tree is unharmed and can be milked again after a time.


Madam seems satisfied 🙂

Shelter for exotic plants.

And some trees dressed in autumn colours.

Perhaps the best, and certainly one of the most charming of the botanical gardens I have seen.



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