Rocher Pan

This was my private paradise for the hours before sunset last night. Nature conservation wants people to enjoy the reserve .

The pan is paralel to the sea and you can hike around the both to have both views. I did the beach side as the pan is dry in summer. Its a mediterranian climate with winter rainfall.



I found this baby under a bush on my way out to the beach, which was ok, but on my way back it was still there. So I had to ask if he was ok.


He didn’t answer..

Does it get any more beautiful?


Didn’t know the skeleton coast started so far south..


There were three oyster catchers who kept me chasing after them all afternoon. I only had my phone to take pictures so I was trying to get closer to them. When I got closer they would head on ahead. Just when I thought I was catching up they would lift off and start the game again behind me.





Couldn’t do any better..

Seeing as how dry it is the veld is remarkably green.



This one was taken from a little way off.



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