Fish pate


In the ice cold water of the South African West Coast you get the most wonderful fish and a favourite one for pate is Snoek. It has firm flesh and huge flavour.

Cooked fish – deboned and flaked

Olive oil (about a tablespoon)

Chopped onion – enough

Mash potato – enough to get the correct texture


Mango chutney

Salt en freshly ground black pepper

Mix together and put in the food processor if you prefer. Mine doesn’t look much like a pate 🙂 but all you need is a fork.. And it certainly doesn’t hurt the flavour.

Delicious served with lettuce on seed bread. Eat with some more chutney. If you are fortunate enough to have grape jam, this is a traditional and wonderful addition to snoek.

Tips – fish can be prepared very successfully in the microwave. It keeps this dish from being dry as well.

Another tip 🙂 – if the pate is dry add boilled water bit by bit and mix in until your problem is solved. Off course you can always add rich things like cream as well but you don’t always want to.


Add chopped chili and rocket leaves if you have them. At the coast sometimes you don’t have such great availability of fresh fruit and veg and then the onion, mayo and chutney will serve you well. Here the Sandveld is around us and they grow lots of potatoes, so no shortage there.


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