Never heard of the place before I was there. Should have really, it is the capital of the region Castille and Léon.

They have the oldest gothic cathedral on the Iberian peninsular.


Its massive. Here are a few of the domes and rose windows.

Like lace.

Gaudì reckoned phantasy belonged to the nations of the north, but the image, the concrete fell in the purview of the south. His Spain included..

The Neanderthal is meant to be one, it is in front of the Museum of Human Evolution and the horseman is El Cid. The great conquerer of Spain.

My vote for creativity goes to the girl with the umbrella. Eternal rain dripping from her umbrella. The bards are before the old city wall.

Not to mention the ‘wide ones’. Not too proud to make fun of themselves then. In classic Cervantes style..

The bane of Spain – those ugly rubbish bins they put everywhere. One doesn’t mind putting your own rubbish in the bin a half mile away, but they are so ugly.. Someone in Burgos agreed with me and rosefied this one.

Off course the cathedral remains the centre of this city. They are on the road to Santiago, or El Camino. The pilgrimage to Compostela.


Two of these photos are taken through my rose tinted glasses 😉 I bought them here and so far they are only an improvement. Here is another photo taken through them. Don’t you agree? Charming..


The old city retained its wall and this gate.


I think it is the Maria gate, may be wrong.


Its hard to stop adding pictures, the place is just so beautiful. I don’t understand why they are not more on the tourist route. Perhaps I am just not well informed. If it weren’t for the fact that I was passing though on the way from Ourense to Bilbao I would have never have gone there.


The Museum of Military History and just one more..


And then, the Picos de Europa in the distance. On the way to the magical land of the Basques..



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