Basil pesto

When last did you eat a leaf straight off the basil plant? Great aroma try it some time!

If you prefer basil in a pesto, here is a recipe.

A basket full of basil – basket chosen according to family size 😉


olive oil


roasted nuts (pine nuts, cashew nuts or sunflower seeds at the end of the month)

parmesan cheese

All the ingredients can be put in the food processor and voila!

Or if you use a mortar and pestle, add the salt early on it helps grinding the leaves.

Off course well known and delicious on pasta, but also great on bruschetta.

It freezes well, but don’t add the parmesan then. It can be added when you have defrosted the pesto for use.

PS – The french believe you should curse while you sow basil otherwise it won’t do well. So ‘sowing basil’ in french means spreading nasty rumours.


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