Bali – Galungan

Or Hari Raya Galungan and Kaningan in the full title. A Hindu festival celibrated in Bali twice a year.

Things get complicated with religion in Indonesia. Bali is Hindu (>90%). For everything to know, they gave us this pamflet.


Those are grenadillas.

The other one is rambutan. The grenadillas are from my own pergola. Apparently according to the rules, you are aloud to have them ๐Ÿ™‚

But enough about food. The Hindu religion has been in Indonesia for a long time and developed differently. They are mono-theistic. All over are empty stone thrones for the one god who does not have a name.

Today it is law in Indonesia that everyone has to have a registered religion, it is marked on your ID card. Many people say they are not really religious but then others are off course. In the 50’s the country had bad trouble with communism and after enormous blood shed it was decided that the best counter measure would be to propagate religion. You may choose between 5, Moslem, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu of Confucian. Java had Hindu kingdoms between the 4th and 15th century and also Budhist influence, but was forced over to the Muslim religion by people from Sumatra. Some of the Hindu population fled to Bali which is stil >90% Hindu and they have a temple around every corner to prove it. And those temples do not lack attention!

But back to Galungan on Bali. (For those who wondered, Hitler wasn’t here, he used an old Hindu (or older) simbol.

In front of every house is a pole. It is a matter of honour to make your own and it is the responsibility of the men of the house.

The sun is setting and it’s not ready yet..



The women prepare the food and make the small baskets. Grandmother at our place was busy far into the night and granddad was tasked with decorating the house temple. Everything that doesn’t move must get a skirt, a sash or an umbrella. And yes the house temple is that big.

Granddad is fixing everything on, like his hi-tech toolbelt?ย 02-DSC02364

You can also put out a basket with fruit. Things that are common elsewhere are expensive and imported here so apples are very elite ๐Ÿ˜‰ In your own garden you may have lovely fruit, but they are nothing as grand as apples. Those small baskets are put down on the ground, they are for the lower spirits ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apparently the forms are important, but if granddad used to smoke perhaps he still fancies some tobacco after a biscuit.. You put out what you have. No exception is made for vehicles, in fact it looks like they need extra protection! Buildings under construction are also in.

Restaurants and wi-fi signs are nothing without a rafia strip or a skirt..

The efigees were not my favourite. They are supposed to be burned straight after the festival but people tend to try to hold on to their handywork a little longer. Perhaps why we are still around ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the day of the festival, with everything in order, you dress up nice, take your baskets and go visit family and friends.

Ma stops and you run with the rice.. the old girls have a chat.. Beats when there are no festivals and everyone wearsย T shirts all the time.


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