As promised the post on the czar’s palace on the Baltic.

The palace is situated outside Saint Petersburg. After walking two blocks in St Petersburg your feet are black even on top, so I can understand anyone wanting to get out of the city. Whether it is those terrible cars they drive or the ships or perhaps the factory where they make those terrible cars I don’t know..

But if you have a little place outside of town life is good. Just a short boat ride and you reach your own little paradise on the Baltic, – let them eat cake.




Apart from gold, gravitation fountains were the height of fashion and you have to keep up with the rest of the family.


They made a trick fountain for children with a long program so that you never know where the water will come out next. You have to be quick not to get wet.

For the sake of it they included a fish hatchery.


And a nice view over the Baltic. Those trees are on the dyke, beyond them is the sea.

It seems as if Putin will be moving in shortly. And who knows perhaps it improves his sense of humour. I can see him jumping around in the fountain already.


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