Few things as good as a fresh artichoke.

These are fresh cut and boiled in water with vinegar. Dipped in olive oile with fresh thyme and lemon juice, whipped with a fork.

Did you know thyme kills all bacteria in sight in micro seconds?Apparently the thymol in thyme. It is the main active ingredient in Listerine mouth wash and also active against fungi. You can treat toenail fungus with thyme oil.

In Dalmatia they make a traditional artichoke stew. My friendly hostess brought me some on a cold and rainy Saturday. This is her family recipe.

Bang the artichoke face down so that they lose some of the leaves. Stuff them with garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs and olive oil.

Put some fresh butterbeans (favo), peas and the stuffed artichokes (together with the leaves that came off) in a pot with water and salt. Cook over low heat for an hour .

Delicious with fresh bread.

Favo beans have been eaten in the mediteranean since 5000 BC.


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