La Vila Joiosa

I’ve been meaning to add this one for quite some time now. The town of joy they are named and their main industry is chocolate..The locals just say La Vila. They are on the costa blanca (white coast) in Spain’s Valencia province. Their language is Valencian. Not so far removed form Catalan if I have it right. Catalan being somewhere between French and Spanish if I may be so crude. They have personal pronouns as opposed to the Castilian that goes for ‘Spanish’.

Chocolate off course made its way to Europe from the New World and the ships landed in la vila so the town started making chocolate. I seem to remember they had a monopoly for some time.


Looking at the flora you can already guess that Africa is not far and yes the Moors attacked this poor town repeatedly. So they decided to build a wall.

But the town kept growing, probably even more when they were better protected and space inside the wall was limited. They started building on top of the wall and even leaning over it. They are still building today!


See how well trained their see gulls are, following the boat like that?


Charming little town. Quite a lot going on there in terms of renovation. Probably many northern Europeans moving there for the good weather.


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