Marie-Antoinette’s playground, and a fitting place to have an entrance for decapitated people, don’t you think.


The sheer scale of it is so impressive.


It is rumoured that the French have a problem with flexibility, it seems not a problem with order, makes sense if you think about it.

The orangerie is where they keep the orange trees, still today.  If you look through the window you can still see them inside, laden with fruit. I have to assume that is why they have cipher or centilation holes. When it was built in I wouldn’t know. Just a few parterre’s to keep the place tidy. What do you do if one of the trees die? Is there a nursery where they keep duplicates in the same size and cut?

That’s the gardens on one side of the palace. At the back it goes on to that strange little town where M-A lived here bucolic dream. (Watch the movie) And there are forests and walkways to an unbelievable extent.

After the revolution they decided on a picket fence so as to look like normal people. You hardly notice the palace behind it, it works so well. And off course none of the rock is marble and the mirrors are fake.

The chapel..

And the hall of mirrors etc.

Once I’ve put the Tsar’s place on the Baltic on, we’ll have a poll to see which one is the most popular 😉

Regards from Split


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