Castle Miramare

Just outside Trieste on the northern Adriatic, in what is Italy today, you will find Castle Miramare.

Maxxie (of Hapsburg) was shipwrecked off this coast. He was saved by fishermen and fell in love with the beauty of this area. He decided to build Miramare here (1856 – 1860) for him and his wife Charlotte of Belgium to spend their summers. At the time it was part of his empire.

The inhabitants of Miramare were not exactly fortunate though.. Maximilian never saw the castle completed, he left for Mexico and was murdered there.

His wife initially accompanied him to Mexico, but returned to garner political support. She never saw him again. After staying in Miramare a few years, she returned to her native Belgium.

Empress Elizabeth was next, she lived there with her son, – who later committed suicide with his mistress.

Frans Ferdinand took over and if I’m not mistaken, he’s the guy who was shot in Serajevo, – the beginning of the first world war.

At the end of the first world war,  Amadeo, archduke of Aosta lived there, – he later died in Nairobi in a prisoner camp during the second world war.

The last inhabitans were two Brittish major generals. They both died of heart attacks.

Perhaps he misunderstood the message of the sinking ship..

Maximilian was an amateur botanist and started developing the (22ha) grounds.

Whether it was started then of later, I couldn’t say, but someone planted hundreds of laurel trees. The combination of their subtle scent and the sea air is truly sublime.


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