Mutna apparently, to rhyme with… That’s what you find out when you try to buy a ticket and they don’t know where you want to go. Modêêna??? Ooooo Mutna,  there you go. Just goes to show…

The town of Ferrari, Luciano Pavarotti, Lamborghini, Maserati, de Tomaso and Balsamic vinegar.

In the region of Emilia-Romagna – where they make all those tons of Parmesan cheese for the whole world. Here are a few photos taken from the train.

A kind concierge gave me a map and this was the first building I found going into town from the station.


Not too ugly is it..

And there is good water for who’s thirsty as long as someone with hands will  help..


There was a better photo, but madam in red was identifiable. Geez hope the dog doesn’t sue..

Horse chestnuts, the basis of badedas.


The Italians do know how. If the streets look like this, who wouldn’t be inspirered to design and to sing.

The elegant Duomo complete with lions and Byzantine arches.

Everywhere in the south of Europe you see memorials to those who died in the world wars. Looking at a few of them you soon notice that the majority of people killed in wars are not solders, but women and children and other non combatants.

In Modena they went to the trouble of getting a photo of everyone to put on display.

Always knew the Italians were caring people.

And it wouldn’t be Italian if food wasn’t involved.


and drink seemingly..

And guessing from the final word, it’s sacred as well ;- Don’t eat unholy food, ever, be warned.

So here we go, out of town. Always too short.

I am sure I remember having a drink on some piazza.

Don’t know why I didn’t take some pictures of the hip teenages at the table next door. In the South you have to be seen, you cannot simply be, you must be seen to be.. Frederico Felini with his La Dolce Vita isn’t from nearby Rimini for no reason.

I’ll post something on them soon. So luxurious, sun sea and gelato.. You have to have a different one every day, melon and coffee and chocolate and lemon and mint and raspberry and every possible flavour you can think of.

PS Seen the post on Arundel?

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