Love & Hate

Well you know what they say; marriage is like a deck of cards. To begin all you need is two hearts and a diamond. In the end all you want is a club and a spade.

Strivers all of us, it’s luuuuuv we’re after. And so often, oh dearie me, it’s luuuv we get.  The word itself should have been warning enough. What’s with all the drama?

Let’s begin with the wedding, monstrously expanded to cost half the price of a nice house. So if you are a normal (unrich that is) couple and you wish to keep your social standing you are probably in for a nice sizable debt just to give you a boost when you start married life. Well I lie, really it is often not even a matter of keeping your social standing, it is a matter of keeping your bride. And a lot of people do feel that a wedding is just not the same without the dame or damsel, or whatever she is in these times. So well, there you are then, perhaps still in a nice cosy house, but with a chilling bank balance none the less.

In these difficult times of adjustment, it may happen that Madame is disappointed with her King and wishes she had taken the Knight instead. Enter Jack. The dame no longer feels like a queen, and the yard boy starts looking attractive. Does this develop into Lady Chatterley’s Lover or are we in Wisteria Lane?

But life goes on and sometimes goes forth and multiplies, so One Two Three and the need for an au pair becomes pressing (ha ha). Now our maker, for reasons we may guess at but do not know, provided us with both a King and a Jack, but the Queen rules alone as the only female.

Yet a new lady enters, and what becomes of our peaceful little kingdom? Well the rules dictate that another dame must be of a different suit. But then the Four can’t be of a different suit than its King now can it, so there can be some rather messy results. Blood spilt, kingdoms divided, hearts broken, mention made of clubs and spades.

And when it all turns to dust you really miss the luuuuuv, or do you? Unless you can find something more timeless.

Perhaps the joker is king after all.


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