Arundel Castle

We are in the South Downs in West Sussex, – South of England.

Arundel Castle
Arundel Castle
View of Cathedral from the Castle Gardens

Arundel is a small town and it seems the most interesting detail about the history is a rather silly argument about the origen of the name.

Probably from old English where it would mean the valley of the Eagle.

The river nearby is named the Arun and the earl is the earl of Arundel and the bishop is the bishop of Arundel (and Brighton thankfully.

So a town with a deep and interesting history.

The guy with the black jersey seems to take a very personal interest in keeping everybody clear of any possible entrance.

Security at the earl's entrance
Security at the earl’s entrance

They do have beautiful gardens and a chapel at the castle. One of those old English churches with huge windows and quite a wide nave. It gives a wonderful aspect and good light.

Gardens in late summer

Gardens in late summer
The Chapel
The Chapel

They grow sub tropical fruit in a glass house for the kitchen.

The town is down hill from the castle up to the river, where there is quite a bit of traffic as the sea is not far away.

Arundel town
Arundel town
Arundel town

The British are off course famous for their health and safety regulations. If they had to do the same in the Netherlands you wouldn’t be able to walk with all the warning signs!

Be very careful DEEP WATER

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